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Archive for the ‘ Health Promotion Workplace ’ Category

Free Wellness Programs and Low Cost Health Management Alternatives Start a free wellness program or run a successful health management program in the office for little or no cost to your business. the advantages of corporate wellness and learning how to start a health management program at work are many. The articles on health management [...]

Small company wellness programs are catching on. A well-designed wellness program can increase productivity, improve morale and vitality, reduce stress, decrease absenteeism, and control avoidable healthcare costs within an organization. The beauty of it is that you’re simply assisting employees to make smart choices so the costs of beginning a wellness program are minimal compared [...]

Start a Wellness Program for Your Employees Today The benefits to beginning a wellness program are many. Several corporate wellness tips to get employees began on the path to a healthier lifestyle – 1. Look around, and determine if workers lead a healthful lifestyle before starting an employee wellness program. • How many employees dash [...]

Wellness Program Introduction The last ten years has brought major changes in company attitudes toward wellness programs. Interest in self-help and self-care programs has increased as growth in health care costs have encroached substantially into profits. Changes in the organizational structures of health care facilities, especially the growth of the for-profit health care sector, and [...]

Corporate Exercise Programs Improve Staff Member Wellness Instituting a wellness program improves the health of employees, decreases employee absenteeism and saves the company money, too. Learn more about starting an employee wellness program in the office. Advantages of Wellness Programs • A company investment of $100-$150 per worker yearly to participate in an worker wellness [...]

Five reasons to have a wellness program 1 The U.S. spends more dollars on health care than any other nation yet we aren’t the world’s healthiest • Largely sedentary • Tobacco use is still popular • Stress is at epidemic levels (WHO) • Alcohol continues to take its toll on American Citizens 2 Much of the illness [...]

A lot of employers, as part of their efforts to contain rising health care costs, are implementing worksite programs variously described as wellness, lifestyle programs, health and productivity management, population health management and, simply, wellness programs. The purpose of this article is to consider whether such programs improve health. If so, do they in turn [...]

As organizations today continue to compete in the global economy, cost containment strategies will be increasingly important. Controlling the rising cost of worker ill health is becoming a priority for corporate leaders. The emerging corporate culture in the United States is one which has an worker population centered in health, safety and wellness. Developing a [...]

Want some wellness program ideas and wellness policy ideas to get you started? Or maybe you want to jump start or improve upon your current wellness program? The list below provides “best practices’ that can help meet any wellness program budget! the Wellness Program ideas are divided into topic areas. General Wellness Progam Ideas • [...]

Medical testings are important programs to identify chronic illness in their early stages. Once identified, wellness intervention programs can help prevent a illness from progressing. Working with local hospitals and other organizations, you can obtain information on providing screening and intervention programs that could improve your employees’ health and save your corporation money in absenteeism, [...]