Client Duties

Client Duties

What clients must do for all projects

Clients must make sure that:

(a) designers, contractors and other team members that they propose to engage are competent (or work under the supervision of a competent person), are adequately resourced and appointed early enough for the work they have to do. Guidance on assessing competence is given in paragraphs 193-240 of CDM 2007 ACOP;

(b) they allow sufficient time for each stage of the project, from concept onwards;

(c) they co-operate with others concerned in the project as is necessary to allow other duty holders to comply with their duties under the Regulations;

(d) they co-ordinate their own work with others involved with the project in order to ensure the safety of those carrying out the construction work, and others who may be affected by it;

(e) there are reasonable management arrangements in place throughout the project to ensure that the construction work can be carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, safely and without risk to health. (This does not mean managing the work themselves, as few clients have the expertise and resources needed and it can cause confusion);

(f) contractors have made arrangements for suitable welfare facilities to be provided from the start and throughout the construction phase;

(g) any fixed workplaces (for example offices, shops, factories, schools) which are to be constructed will comply, in respect of their design and the materials

Summary of Clients Duties under CDM 2007 Regulations

All construction projects (Part 2 of the Regulations)

Additional duties for notifiable projects (Part 3 of the Regulations)

  • Check competence and resources of all appointees
  • Ensure there are suitable management arrangements for the project including
  • welfare facilities
  • Allow sufficient time and resources for all stages
  • Provide pre-construction information to designers and contractors
  • Appoint CDM co-ordinator*
  • Appoint principal contractor*
  • Make sure that the construction phase does not start unless there are suitable:
  • - welfare facilities, and
  • - construction phase plan in place
  • Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the CDM co-ordinator
  • Retain and provide access to the health and safety file

(* There must be a CDM co-ordinator and principal contractor until the end of the
construction phase)

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