How to find genuine Hoodia Gordonii. Part 2.

How to find genuine Hoodia Gordonii. Part 2.

The continuation of How to find genuine Hoodia Gordonii. Part 1.

Question 3: Are there any different ingredients?

This is where it gets doubtful Why? Because companies can declare to be using 100% Hoodia Gordonii on their marks whilst still not giving you a pure supplement. As an unsafe species with limited exportations and harvests, a lot of companies have chosen to include another ingredients such as caffeine to save on expenses and supplies.

The matter here is that they are reducing your chances of achieving true weight loss, by reducing the power of the supplement. But by law they are not really doing anything wrong by declaring to contain pure Hoodia Gordonii. So what to do? Well, you need to make sure you checked its ingredient list attentively before buying.

The only ingredients you should see on your package is the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, and the component used to make up its capsules: gelatib. See anything more on the ingredients list and you are not buying 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii.

Question 4: Is it an extract?

Most companies who is really selling genuine Hoodia Gordonii plant is selling it as an extract. Why? Because all the ‘extract’ exactly means is that you are getting only 60% of the plants core. The rest is a compound of fillers, caffeine and different inactive parts of the Hoodia Gordonii that will do nothing to suppress your appetite.

See what I mean? There is a reason why so much Hoodia supplements fail these tests – they have cut on much as they can in order to save on their expenses. But the matter is, many of them can get away with it as they do contain a little quantities of the plant.

With this at their side, they can to keep on lying to you while still charging you big.

So what do you do? Well the solution to this one is to remember these four points, and make sure that you accurately checked your chosen products ingredients list before you buy. Do that and you can be sure you are always getting the genuine product each and every time.

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