The Different Kinds of Fertility Tests

The Different Kinds of Fertility Tests

There are a number of different types of fertility tests that can be performed. These test range from at home fertility tests, to complex tests a specialized doctor does to couples who are not able to become pregnant. An at home test simply measures the hormones in the urine when a women is fertile. But this test can only work in detecting the hormones while there could be far more in depth problems then that.

Fertility test does not refer to one simple test that can be performed by a fertility doctor. It can, and most likely does, refer to a series of tests that are preformed to try to isolate the problem. Before any testing for actual fertility, medical workups are accomplished including in-depth medical histories of both partners, testing for simple vaginal and cervical viral or bacterial infections that can cause difficulty in achieving pregnancy. These problems are easily treated and you will be able to have children if no other problems exist. After this stage, the real testing begins.

Often the first fertility test performed is a semen analysis and semen culture as well as sperm penetration and function studies. This is not because the male is more often at fault in the case of fertility difficulties, but it can be much easier to obtain a sperm sample that to extract and examine an egg.

One of the most common forms of fertility testing for the females involves something called hysterosalpingogram. This is a form of x-ray that allows the doctors to study the anatomy of the inside reproductive organs. The doctors will look for problems in the lining, location or structure of the uterus as well as allowing them to determine if the fallopian tubes are open and capable of allowing an egg to pass from the ovaries to the uterus. A frequent problem that could cause infertility is scarring. Scarring can be detected by this form of testing, ultrasound can also detect it.

A woman may also under to mid-cycle fertility testing which looks for what is known as the “LH surge”. This hormonal surge occurs just before to the release of the mature egg from the ovary and is tested by looking at the LH in urine. After the LH surge occurs, the couple is asked to have intercourse and then immediately have a post-intercourse examination. At that time cervical mucus can be used to determine if live, healthy sperm are present in the uterus.

There are other tests that can be performed to isolate the problem. Once you have figured out where the problem is there are different ways to treat it. There are techniques, therapies, and treatments available to allow the couple to have a successful pregnancy. However, not one fertility test can quickly and easily identify what is wrong. As technology enhances and becomes more developed it will become easier to isolate the problems that enable a couple to get pregnant.

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