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Because of the attention given to stem cell research, I want to summarize a basis for protecting human life from conception.

    A Biblical basis: Thought of by God from eternity, woven by God in our mother''s womb, an unrepeatable and unique image and likeness of God, every human life is precious in God''s sight and of inestimable worth. This core level value of each human being transcends the tinsel we tend to use to define our worth.
    A rational basis: From conception, we have complete human genetic composition, are alive, and fit the dictionary definition of human life, human being, and person. "Unalienable rights" promoted in our Declaration of Independence (its author Thomas Jefferson, a deist), Constitutional Amendments, and laws are based on the "self-evident" specialness of the human species and the equality of human persons. The legalization of abortion irrationally removed these rights from unborn humans. This is unsettling in itself, and it sets a gravely dangerous precedent when humans are protected only if they measure up to certain standards of development and independence, physical perfection, usefulness and convenience.

It is commonly said that nobody has a right to impose their morals on anyone else. This view is hailed as tolerance of diversity, but it lacks rational substance. It cannot be reasonably applied to abortion since by it a mother imposes her morals on her child. Common sense dictates that individual liberties must be limited if they impose on others'' basic rights. We do not tolerate diversity expressed in rape, child molestation, armed robbery, etc. All lawmaking imposes morality, since all laws declare one behavior right and another behavior wrong.

Since we need laws and laws inevitably impose morality, it seems prudent to promote laws that are based on consistently rational thought and uncompromised reverence for the core dignity and worth of each human person.

Annie Bukacek MD

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