RX for today…Everyone should try the ISCU unit at least once..maybe more!

RX for today…Everyone should try the ISCU unit at least once..maybe more!

Have I lost my mind? Perhaps. Its only a bad thing if I can’t find it again. I, however, have not lost my mind. Read the title again. It is ISCU not ICU.

ISCU is not a unit in the hospital but perhaps it could be. I doubt insurance would pay for it but EVERYONE needs it multiple times throughout the year.

ISCU is Intensive Self Care for U!! Yup that is it and I know about it because I had to put myself in it last week and may continue this week as well. It is actually quite lovely and if it weren’t for the other people in my life who need my attention I could stay here quite a long time.

Where is it and what does it look like, how long does it last and when do you go?

All great questions and I can’t answer any of them.

Okay I lied. I can answer the “when” one.

You need ISCU whenever you really need some gentle, be with whatever is happening not trying to make yourself feel better, maybe cry a little or alot, like submerging yourself in the ocean of your feelings and come up for air when you are good and ready kind of time.

I come from a family where you “buck up”, “move on” “suck it up” “pull yourself up by bootstraps” and the ever present “well it could be worse”.

Not such bad ideas except sometimes most times you need some time to just be with those crappy, this all sucks feelings and it can be a bit of a roller coaster.

So what do you do in ISCU? Whatever you want, wherever you want , for whatever amount of time you need.

Wait…a few boundaries here just so you don’t go overboard. These are mine but I think they will serve others well. No craziness with food, wine or shopping.

Why Jenn…you are NO fun! Not true. Problem with the above is those choices are not Intensive Self Care. They are more like escapes and coverups of those crappy feelings.

Trust me on this one,I, unfortunately, speak from experience!

What to do? Well, again its up to you. First give yourself permission to take time for yourself..no excuses here..really NO excuses. You can find 15, 30 minutes..or GASP a whole afternoon or even a day for YOU!

Figure out what you need. Do you need a nap, a walk, or a good cry. Do you need to move your body, punch a pillow, write your feelings in a letter or journal piece and then tear it up or burn it?

What about a bubble bath until you are so pruny you may never recover? A manicure or pedicure? A massage? All of the above? Or just some quiet time with no cell phones, computer or any noise.

I said I couldn’t answer any of those previous questions because the truth is YOU know the answers. They are unique to you and what you need.

As I write this I realize that ISCU works with the good times as well. Savoring the feelings of bliss, love and contentment can fill your bucket of well being.

Actually…this RN and health coach is writing a prescription for all of you.

Take a daily dose of ISCU. Slow down, breathe and enjoy! You deserve it!

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